#Mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey: Love is beautiful

Love is beautiful

Sorry to confess but I’m one of those gushy people who love Xmas. I love buying gifts and love getting surprises. However this year has seen big transformations in my life and my idea of the true gift is real, honest, genuine and loving people.

I don’t think money can buy what we really need in life, gifts are for our wants, not our needs. I recently realised that I need love, appreciation, respect, kindness and good manners. I need nothing if I don’t have the real values that my body, mind and soul need. I look at my wardrobe and think…so what? A thing gives you two minutes of happiness but contentment and loyalty and commitment from others are priceless.

Sometimes we can never explain why we do what we do or why others do what they do but that’s human nature, it’s the way of the world.

I decided recently to take a few months out and bought nothing. Instead I assessed my time, my values, who I want in my life and how can I be content with what I have.

Life has a strange way of teaching us lessons, showing us what we need to see and letting us decide, do we make life easy and take the relaxed easy genuine road or do we hang in with the having to have stuff and be with people who don’t really care about our genuine needs.

Give time time they say, and indeed that I did. Although I’m having more because I’m enjoying the peace, the getting to know me and accepting why bad things happen to good people.

It’s liberating when you discover everyone messes up, no one is perfect, people will always disappoint and let us down; but there is always the beautiful ones who love us, nurture us and care for us.

I love love, and I’m so very grateful for the very few special people who guide me through life’s difficult and interesting path.

Have a wonderful day and remember what will be will be… simply accept and let it go!

Love to you all bee xx

PS I’ve two cancellations for my mindfulness classes tomorrow night for 4 weeks 7-8pm if anyone wants some positive Xmas inspiration! Email me at Bshankey@gmail.com

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