#mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey : It’s all about men 

This week in the press it’s been alarmingly focused on mens mental health and the high suicide rates especially in men are rising at an alarming rate.

We always say women are better at expressing emotions but men need to as well. Nothing in the mind should be bottled up that’s what causes our insecurities, paranoia, anger and self doubt. So men need to discuss what ever is in their head no matter how silly it seems

I know I’m an open book and if I don’t release what’s in my head I turn it into self torture, negative thinking, catastrophising and unnecessary drama. None of which are healthy behaviours for anyone at all.

I was asked this week to dicuss mens mental health and give some mindfulness tips.

Today I met one of thee most inspiring men and I asked his advice for my guys.

Firstly you have to be your own rescuer.

People often say ‘why me…why is this happening to me’..well guess what it is, so you need to remove the negative attitude and think OK it’s my time..time to be challenged, how best can I manage this.

It’s your turn..it’s your turn to be challenged and face life’s experience…that’s all it is, another experience to shape and strengthen your character.

Always stay in the company of positive people, don’t listen to the moaners and negative feedback.

Believe in yourself..remember Mohamed Ali..he always knew he was going to be a champion.

So start with daily habits first one being

  • Set positive self talk
  • Believe you can
  • Fake it until you make it
  • Always see a bad day as a lesson, not a negative.
  • Change your language..I will do, not I should do..

In the meantime keep her lit…speak to your mates and be the best man you can be, but do it with class…be your own hero!

Love you guys and my special dedication today goes to my inspiration and my male guide..the fabulous Charles thank you darling..everyone needs a wing man thanks for being mine!!




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