#MondayMindfulness by @brendashankey: How much a week can bring

How much a week can bring.

It’s been a crazy week for me, starting last Saturday with the memorial casino night in memory of my fabulous sister Erin.

What a celebratory evening everyone had; friends and family there to celebrate her life and raise money for make a wish. Erin loved children and in her memory we can give some child a beautiful gift this Xmas from her.

Then we had the launch of the new Jason Shankey braid bar and dry style bar at the big House of Fraser launch on Thursday night which was a massive success.

In between that I’d team meeting’s, directors meetings, disciplinarys, training and daily inspections by House of Fraser management.

My message this week was some days I’d ten emotions in one day and my big life’s lesson this week was; There’s always three sides to every story… Yours, theirs and the truth!

I witnessed several occasions this week where each party were completely convinced they were right and some parties did not allow the others any chance to explain or accept their explanation.

So how do we deal with this as it’s a daily occurance in our world.

We face emotions like anger, frustration, hurt, and when you know you are in the right and are accused of something you did not do… OMG unbelievable. It happened to me in one of the occasions and I had to drive home in astonishment that the issue was put out at the meeting.

I couldn’t get my head around where it came from, who would say it, how do I defend myself.

So by the time I got home I phoned a friend and we both decided the best plan of action was to just simply let it go.

No one would win if I resorted to try and explain the next day; it would reignite the fire so to speak.

I was cautious of a few people though as my mind was wondering why would anyone do or say this?

So in mindfulness training I simply was taught some things are better left unsaid. You don’t always need to win the game and you don’t always need to confront the person or persons responsible.

You simply learn the lesson… Trust few and there is a reason people say you can count your real friends in one hand.

As I saw this week people lie, twist the truth, react irrationally in anger, react to defend themselves and fear lies under all of this.

Fear of people not liking us, fear of failure, fear of being wrong, fear of letting someone away with something unacceptable.

So 50 lessons in one week that’s definitely how I got through last week.

Although I realise this is life, everyone of us everyday experience issues in life with people, places or things that we do not like.

So the answer is acceptance. Accept the things you cannot change and try for your own mental health to let stuff go.

Offload and move on quickly, don’t cause yourself unnecessary pain.

Life is life and people are people.

Learn to play the game of life and the bottom line is look after number one!

You’ve only got once chance please try to make it as easy as possible for us all.

Speak soon.

Brenda x

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