#mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey :Have kindness and compassion

What a difference a day makes.

24 little hours!

So much can happen in a day good bad and indifferent.

Sometimes the unexpected is amazing, joyous and makes us so happy.

Othertimes it’s a crisis, sadness or when we make big mistakes.

I did a brilliant course this week on Addiction with both addicts and teachers, counsellors therapists etc.

Trying to understand the addict personality and the workings of the mind. Why does the addict keep doing the thing that they know is wrong for them?

The answer from the doctor was that’s the million dollar question which no one has the answer to.

That’s the thing they have a different brain chemistry, differently wired than others and once they turn to their addiction of choice their body and brain work differently to non addicts.

I also didn’t know there were so many addictions apart from the obvious drugs and alcohol we’ve got food, people addiction called co dependcy and also we have sex, gambling, shopping, ocd cleaning and the newest one technology.

I guess we all have our little quirks and personal self sabotage ways and we are all on our own personal human journey.

I’ve learned addiction is a disease… Dis – ease of the body mind and soul.

There is no one way to treat any of them because everyone is different.

I get so many messages every day from loved ones crying out for help for the addict they live with.

Professional advice is always the best or addiction NI.

Be patient and don’t give off or tell them off this makes them worse. Look at them with compassion and understand I guarantee you they beat themselves up and self criticise more than you can imagine.

The biggest thing with recovered addicts is the same as the mindfulness teachings.

Live in the moment, forget about the past and don’t worry about the future. You’ve only got to be the best you can be today, right here, right now.

If you make mistakes, recognise and apologise or make amends. Try to find a way to enjoy your day today. Try to focus your mind on what you have that is amazing and how lucky you are to be breathing.

Put one foot in front of the other and remember you are no better than anyone else. You are a human being so just be.

Lighten up, laugh at yourself more and have fun.

The mind is a powerful machine and no one is free from mental health issues of any kind.

So my Monday message today is have kindness and compassion to everyone you meet today because you don’t know what battle anyone is fighting.

Oh and be kind to yourself too!!

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