#mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey : Gratitude


They always say be full of gratitude and be thankful for your life as it is.

I think we always forget to be grateful for the small things. Roof over our heads, warm clothes and food.

At this time of year with extreme extravagance it really shows exactly what we don’t need.

We don’t need more jewelry or shoes, makeup or accessories.

What we need is to be comfortable and happy with who we are.

Looking back why do we buy gifts at Xmas when really true wealth is looking after yourself and those around you all year.

I haven’t denied I’ve had an easy year, in fact I’ve never felt pain quite like I had to this year.

What I did notice tho was who supported me, hung around, helped and who disappeared.

I always teach my students about random acts of kindness and trying to be aware of helping at least one person every day.

No money needed simply human kindness.

So have a look around today, who can you help, what other help can you offer for someone you haven’t seen in a while or where would your help be needed.

I got angry at first with those who walked away from me but you can’t do that, you see everyone has the right to do whatever they want regardless of what you think a friend should do.

The lesson today my friends is look after yourself as number one, expect nothing from no one and with helping others be greatful for the realness of who you’ve actually got in your life.

Don’t build up opinions in your head, share your thoughts as you may be making life more difficult with your thoughts.

Sharing is caring.

So remember this week be grateful for all the gifts you can buy, but remember life isn’t about stuff it’s about looking after and protecting those you love.

Be grateful for the small things and keep life simple. Live, love and breathe. Simply let it all go.

Happy Monday, now go and get grateful!

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