#mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey: Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts.

This week I had a manic 3 days in London. Business mostly, but lots of catching up with friends.

Even got on the tele.

Spent Monday morning on the set of ITV’s This Morning and Tuesday morning on the set of Loose Women.

I am lucky I have great friends and great business contacts that anywhere I go I have a friend of a friend who helps me achieve my goals, whatever they may be.

I am a social butterfly and I do love people but I truly believe the secret to my success is 2 things; one is kindness, being nice to everyone you meet everyday, not just the celebrities and the hierarchy everyone from the cleaner in the canteen to the window cleaner.

You see that’s my other secret, treat everyone as you’d like to be treated yourself.

I happen to want to be treated with kindness, politeness and people going out of their way to help you.

So I treat everyone with my values and with humility and gratitude for the brilliant opportunities I’ve been given.

I also share the love, I push people higher than me, I introduce those who I need to, and I always help where I can.

I never look for any praise or thank you. Eamonn Holmes once taught me always help people on the way up, always share your experience, strength and hope and never think you are great because that is when you’ve lost it all.

I have many mentors in my life, I need different people for different things. I need sounding boards for everything. In fact sometimes I’ve my friends tortured before I make a decision because when we are playing this game of life sometimes we need a lot of guidance along the way and I have learned I’m definitely not always right, I definitely make stupid decisions, when I rush in without thinking I always mess up.

So my lesson today I guess is…always treat others as you’d expect to be treated yourself.

Treat everyone the same..never judge anyone.

Always have a wingman or mentor.

Because we are all on the same journey, all learning everyday and sometimes to step back and breathe and sit in silence can be the greatest tool we have today.

And always surround yourself with love. Love conquers all!


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