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Days off are the best.

Happy bank holiday Monday everyone.
How I love a bank holiday as an excuse to take a day off its amazing that feeling of an extra days rest.

It opens up opportunities to go away for a weekend, have family and friends together for a party, go for extra long walks or a long drivers in the car.

It brings that feeling of celebration, holiday feeling or a good old excuse to lie in bed, watch movies or gut part of the house or garden which has been long overdue.

It’s very important we celebrate times like this as often as possible, build more fun times and adventures into your week there’s no need to wait for a bank holiday.

People often ask me how do I do it all, well this is my answer.

I make fun in everyday, I seize every opportunity, I make the best of every situation and I make time for my friends and family as much as possible.

The secret to happiness begins with being content with yourself, but the beauty of happiness is sharing and giving yourself to everyone you love.

Time is now and we can never replace time. So be mindful today and make the change, move from the sofa and clear that cupboard, phone that friend and arrange to be with family you want to be with.

Life doesn’t come to you and your destiny does not just happen.

Get up, be mindful and be aware that you are in charge of making every day the best you possibly can!

Have a wonderful day
Brenda xx

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