Monday mindfulness: Bring on the happiness

The world of mindfulness is getting so trendy.

It’s the ultimate cool now to have taken a course, to meditate and most important to be the person who uses techniques and exudes calm, understanding, peace and happiness.

I’ve been teaching kids now for two years, adults for 6. It still amazes me the stunning changes mindfulness brings to a child but the dominio effect is endless. The whole family dynamics are changed, one person changes their behaviour and a whole household benefit.

I have mothers in tears unable to thank me enough and stunned at the difference. I’ve had principles phone me and in circumstances the school, pupils and teachers plus counsellors and health care experts unable to deal with or manage the child’s behaviour and mindfulness does. Principals and teachers are stunned, “what are you doing?, what techniques do you use?”.

It’s the most wonderful job in the world!

I work on the thought patterns, how their thoughts resonate in the brain. Behaviour patterns, negative and positive and emotional health, what are emotions? I tie all three together: Thoughts create emotions create behaviour.

If we work on the thinking and learn our triggers and responses, and we train ourselves to notice these, it allow us to change our response.

Win, win, win!!!

What a gift!!!

I studied mindfulness many years ago for myself, to overcome post natal depression, stress, trauma and addictions. I saw how dramatically my life had changed after years of struggling and trying everything and anything else.

I don’t have the perfect life, nor am I perfect. I hurt, suffer and make mistakes like everyone else. But the difference is I know I need the experience to change me, I need the lesson and I need to grow. I know whenever I’m out the other side it’s always blissful and I see my lessons.

Just wonderful, not perfect but real!

So with passion in my heart and love in my soul I embrace the change and throw myself deeper down the mindfulness path. My entire life has taken a new path. It’s like I stepped out of the busy, stressed version of me and into a real calm and content soul.

Nothing bothers me today, nothing worse can happen that’s already gone. My priorities changed, as did my career, my friends and my relationships. For now I keep it simple, I focus on myself and my health and kids, that’s all that matters. The rest is a bonus, but the energy and joy I deliver and receive leave me without doubt that I know now:

It’s only when you have nothing that you realise you have everything and that is when you have real wealth. The richness of my relationships, the astonishment of my opportunities and my pride as I see that what once saved my life I am now giving back and have the joys of gifting others with the simple miracles that make life beautiful!

When we feel loved, we beam happiness, when we are kind we receive kindnesses and when we give, we receive. Old basic life principles a little lost in the gadget generation hence the need for tuition and education on communication and mindfulness.

Bring on the happiness.

    Happy Monday my gorgeous friends.

    Brenda xx

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