#mondaymindfulness : Be mindful of your time

It’s been a busy weekend.

As I head off to Glasgow for a week on a teacher training course for children’s mindfulness I actually think to myself what am I doing?

I had a lunchtime Sunday business mindfulness session with my staff and they left me totally motivated and ready for the week ahead.

 Sunday business mindfulness 
I have to be very grateful I have the most wonderful staff and having a willingness to have staff training and development on a Sunday says it all really.

I have been asked so much about children and educating the young in mindfulness.. You see once you introduce the education of mindfulness it is only good information in the brain.

Once awareness is there it’s harder to ignore it.

We must look at our young and the environment they live in… Social media overload, constant availability to information and the want for everything.

What happened to conversation, fun playing with nothing and hand me downs?

However we look at it we must move with the times and we must lead by example.

Social media and technology is the way the world is but we must be responsible for giving kids time, education on real values and showing them life without their gadgets.

If only for an hour or so a day we adults should have a time ban too on technology.

Try it this week. Turn all technology off at 9pm and enjoy time. Time to read, to chill, to talk to those who live with you.

Last year I gave up TV and it transformed my life. I had time to spend with the kids, read books, take up hobbies and more importantly spend on myself.

So do yourself a favour this week and be mindful of your time. Enjoy those around you!

Brenda x

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