#MondayMindfulness : BE free, BE real, BE the best

Monday Mindfulness : BE free, BE real, BE the best

Hello February 2016!
I never really understand the dreaded January as I always feel it flies in.

I actually never dread any time.

I mean that, I look forward to every season all the changes in weather, fashion, people, experiences, opportunities and lifes lessons!

I look forward to every day,  it’s the not knowing that thrills me, the unexpected, the fabulousness, the excitement of new things, the lows and the learning.

I still don’t like the lows,  I’m not sure anyone does, but in the beauty of mindfulness it’s my attitude to upset, pain, and life that eases my dealing with ‘stuff’.

Mindfulness in daily living is simply accepting life on life’s terms exactly as it is now… Without judgement… Meaning saying to yourself today ‘whatever I am experiencing is OK, I will manage, I will get through this, what does it matter?’

What does it matter? Boy how I live by this mantra and I try every day, I simply try to get through today by seeing the real value of life.

Does it matter that I still have excess weight from Xmas?

Does it matter that I’m still trying to get a routine and haven’t quite mastered it yet?

Does it matter that I didn’t achieve my no coffee and sugar rule for January?

As you can see I can go on quite a bit!

As human beings we tend to set ourselves big challenges and the magic word is WE set ourselves the challenges.

So to kick off February I ask you today to be a human being and BE.

BE free, BE real, BE the best you can be just today!

Try to be amazing today, to be happier, to add happpppppy to someone else’s life.

To be human and care. Care for you and love yourself more than anything!

Ain’t no second chances today my darlings so I ain’t missing any chance to enjoy every single minute!

Have a Freakin Fantastic February Fabulous ones xx

Brenda xx


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