#MondayMindfulness : Add fitness to your mindfulness practice 

Monday Mindfulness : Add fitness to your mindfulness practice 

May, the month of bank holidays and our introduction to the summer months, and what a beautiful May we have had so far, except today, when it’s decided to rain!

I love that extra day off on bank holidays even if it is raining.

Last Monday I joined Jeff from Belfast Times on his fitness campaign and have had a great start thanks to the weather.

My goal was to start walking daily, with my new fit bit and to achieve 10,000 steps per day. One week on and yipeee, goal achieved!

Now what has fitness got to do with mindfulness well I was conscious that in the past year that through life’s circumstances I’d neglected my physical fitness. I was so busy working on my mental health and getting that in check that I was tired a lot, I was anti social and didn’t want to socialise until I felt stronger so I didn’t exercise.

How difficult it is to begin with that first step. And how amazing it is when you achieve anything.

I’m on a roll now, I’ve got a walking collaborative of friends and I hook up with whom ever is free every morning.

It’s refreshing and such feeling of satisfaction when you know you’ve achieved your goal. As they say ‘ it always begins with the first step’!

So mindfulness walking is a loved experience in the mindfulness community. It’s simply being aware of seeing everything, hearing the sounds and noticing what’s happening around you. I’m always in awe of the beautiful walks we have everywhere we go.

If you are suffering, low, sad, please try to walk daily and just put all your attention on your surroundings and even for one moment just breathe in and smile and enjoy nature as beautiful as it is.

Sit in the grass, climb a tree, act like a child and just let go and have fun. Or as Jeff even said in yesterday’s blog, splash about in puddles! 

No one needs to be watching, just loosen up and forget about everything and focus on the now. Focus on what’s real, here and now and for one moment just enjoy your walk.

So try it for yourself, add fitness to your mindfulness practice and it’s win win all the way.

Happy Monday everyone

All my love Brenda xx

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