#MondayMindfulness with @brendashankey : The gratitude of now!

Coping with life.

I have had a mega busy week.

Everything seemed to come at once and the adrenaline junkie in me says ‘yes go for it’ , yet my actual body is screaming ‘nooooo’.

We live in a society where you think you must react, tweet, email, reply immediately.

‘How do you do it all? Where do you get your energy?’ people ask of me.

‘How do you do it all?’
My answer is I want to experience everything in life, I want to make new opportunities, I want to make life exciting, therefore that’s exactly what I do.

I’m no different to anyone else, I just see opportunities and I accept challenges before I even think about what they require or need.

  I put myself out there and worry about ‘how to’ later.

You see I do live with the attitude, go for it and grab every experience.

There are so many exciting things to do in life, so many brilliant people to meet, so many stunning places to see.

It certainly doesn’t come to us… We need to be open to opportunity, open to suggestions, open to exploring and open to meeting newbies!

Hey ho we can’t love everyone, you can’t like everything and you certainly won’t win or see every opportunity. However if you are not open to possibility, none of this is going to be visible to you!

So how does mindfulness help here on having it all in life?

Well it’s simple; when you sit still for a few moments every day and clear your head, the clutter scatters and you, for even a minute, recharge the manic computer that is your mind!

Think of your mind like a computer it’s running all day and as the day goes on more and more information is added into the computer. If you don’t put the computer on sleep, it gets broken, Burns out and hits overloaded and eventually it can’t store any more data and problems arise.

So comparing your mind to a computer is a great way to add mindfulness to your day. When you are mindful and take a break, breathe , sit still and recharge your mind… It’s the best way to have space to look at and manage your emotions, thoughts and feelings.

We all have anxiety, panic, low self esteem, doubt etc etc and it’s how we manage this that is our mindfulness.

When you are aware of your emotions and reactions and are mindful of others, life becomes a little simpler and when you accept life as it is now, you then have it all, as gratitude for how you are now and awareness of yourself is a big step forward in working your mind and trying to have it all.

Because having it all is only now.. The gratitude of now! Waiting for ‘the Thing’ to make you happy may never happen. So waken up, look at what you have now, smile and be grateful. What you have now is totally your own, so own it and rock today!!

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Brenda x


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