Monday Mindfulness with Brenda Shankey

Good day my lovely people,

Here we are again in yet another day at the beginning of yet another week.

Do you stop and think how fabulous it is to begin another day or do you drag yourself through the day with dreaded fear and pure annoyance of having to get through it?

I remember years ago I used to lie in the bed and when hearing the rain pour and the howl of the winds I dreaded getting out of my warm cosy bed.

Thankfully due to life’s circumstances I’ve learned no day is a bad day.. Every day is what you make of it, how you approach it, how you react to all goings on,and what opportunities you see and grasp!

I’ve also learned it’s OK to have a bad day, it’s OK to be quiet and hibernate, it’s OK to be off form. You are human after all no one has perfect days every day.

When you start your day with a positive attitude, grateful for the adventure ahead no matter what life throws at you. Things suddenly seem not so bad.

Breathe through the rough times, take time to assess ‘what lesson do I need to learn?’ Sit still through the pain and wait for the storm to pass. Trust all is well and all will be ok.

When you smile as much as you can, be greatful for what you’ve got right now and look for the lesson in today..

Every day is exactly how it’s meant to be!

Enjoy today my lovelies xx #befaulous

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1 thought on “Monday Mindfulness with Brenda Shankey

    Grainne magee

    (January 4, 2016 - 1:11 am)

    Hi I was wondering if u hav any mindfulness courses starting that I could enrol to do x

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