Monday mindfulness: Who is your hero?

Who is your hero?

I been asked this week who inspires me and who is my hero?

I had to think at first and If I’m honest no one jumped right into my thoughts as ‘the one’.

Traditionally it’s world leaders, movers and shakers, famous people and diplomats who get the shout outs.

I on the other hand could only think of people I know who I think are amazing.

My girlfriends in coping with death of their parents, divorce, illness and family difficulties,for juggling career with kids, husbands and trying to fit in time for them.

My dad for coping with retirement, his divorce, his children’s illnesses and coping with heart surgery and cancer without ever a moan to anyone. For being so gracious and understanding that life has dealt him these cards and getting on with it is the only way.

My business friends for dealing with theft,burglary, pressures of staff, bills, not knowing what a day will bring, financial pressures, more bills, wages, income v outgoings, and a million more pressures people never see when you run a business.

My staff on juggling single parenting and trying to work, trying to be professional and be human, pressure to earn their salary to ensure their Job is safe, trying to keep being the best at their vocation and constantly keep up with change and competition.

My children for learning to live in the world. Experiencing teenage years beginning to see what life’s about and what people are like. That people can be nasty but it’s how you deal with it that matters. The pressure of exams and image and having the right brand of clothes to ‘fit in’. The pressures of social media. Learning right from wrong and good values in life. Making mistakes and learning to cope with unfortunate situations.

My associates for being my sounding board, people helping me along my career path, offering me opportunities, trusting in me and for giving me a chance. For professional colleagues who share their knowledge and experience with me and guide me on the right path. Who understand when you make mistakes and are overjoyed when you achieve your goals.

My clients who make my life such fun, who listen to my stuff and get a haircut in return.

My Facebook and Twitter /social media friends for letting me be me and accepting my voice. For respecting who I am and for constant support and guidance. For the trolls and negative feedback I guess not everyone can like us and that option is fact. I learn every time and grow stronger. I also now accept that their are people who will always back stab and tear you down and that’s OK that’s their problem I don’t need to listen to the crap! I simply very quickly move them out of my zone!

I think you see my message… Everyone is my hero. You are my hero.

Our life’s journey is spent with those we see day and daily, look around you and see how we all manage life, how we all are on this journey together, how no one really knows what to do but we are all trying together.

Ordinary everyday people are amazing.

We don’t need to be famous to have role models, we don’t need to be famous to be a hero.

We need to open our eyes and look right in front of us and truly see the beauty in everyone we meet.

Be your own hero today.
Brenda Shankey

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