Monday mindfulness: Who can you help today?

I’m off to Derry today for two big events.

Firstly I start the morning in St Cecilias. I’m honoured to have been invited by the lovely Aisling Canning to do a mindfulness hour with girls to help with exam stress, exam pressure, expectations on themselves and trying to cope with life as a teenager. Looking good, fitting in, being accepted, pleasing your parents… Wowwww imagine all that pressure from 14-18 and probably younger.

It only makes me think Why?

When did society say.. You must get 10 A’s, be a size 10, have a mulberry handbag and the hot boyfriend… Then you will be accepted??

What happened to be the best you can be, enjoy life and live it fully, don’t follow the trend, be yourself and love who you are?

100s of years ago there was no such thing as stress now 80% of doctors appointments are stress related illness.

What I’m trying to say is modern day life has put us all on the treadmill, it’s telling us when you get the car the house the perfect job, perfect body, perfect man… Then you’ve made it!

Made what? Made yourself a puppet to society.. Made yourself a label that makes you think you’re better than others?

The problem with those who strive to make it, is they usually work so hard to get there when they do they think.. Is this it?? Is this what I gave up my friends my family and my life for? I may have a flash car and big salary but hey I suffer major stress and am ill. I don’t feel happiness or peace.

The true value of life is not what you have in material wealth, it’s what you have in richness of spirit.
Love cannot be bought and love, true love is being content with you.

When you are truly happy with where you are today. Then only then is your life priceless!! Then you have made it!!

My book launch is then at St Mary’s College my old school. Where I’m delighted to present my book to press, friends, relatives, my amazing dad, old teachers and students.

I want to say here that I was that secondary school kid, I failed my exams, I left school with 3, 0 levels. I loved Hairdressing and followed a vocational career.

I later got a Post Graduate certificate in Education from Jordanstown University, Teachers qualifications in hair and beauty and makeup artistry.
A diploma in mediation, mindfulness and am studying cognitive behavioural therapy at the moment.

I kinda did it the wrong way about… But I did it in my own time… With no pressure!

I followed my heart and my loves always. I have not put pressure on myself to achieve. I simply have been the best I could be.

I couldn’t be happier than where I am today. And to be asked to inspire young girls it’s truly amazing that I can give back all that I have learned.

Maybe today I can help one person so join me it’s Monday.. Who can you help today?


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