Monday Mindfulness: What’s it all about?

What’s it all about?

This life.

I suddenly feel liberated and for a time now I’m in a beautiful space of being.

We often wonder what life’s about and why are we here?

We ponder on the disasters in the world and sufferings people endure and sometimes think why?

Why are there so many natural disasters, wars and fueds on a global scale and closer to home, why? Why are their so many nasty people, serious illnesses and tragic accidents?

We may never find some answers and we may always wonder what it’s all about!

Only now in my late 40’s am I really seeing the true beauty behind all the pain and turmoil.

I don’t question anymore and I live simply.

I dropped all my expectations of people, places and things and I looked inside of me and there was all I was looking for!

I am happiness, I am the answer.

I’m seeing my worth, my value, my true self and learning to love what I have without question. Then I gained inner peace.

I stopped with the expectations on how I should be living and withdrew right back and only then did I see, that true happiness is in me!

I needed nothing or no one and I had to accept life no matter what! No wrestling with the why?

Why did I lose my whole self in order to find me!

The suffering and trauma and pain at times were unexplainable, my friends fled, my old life disappeared and there I was left with only me!

I felt like a vunerable child abandoned and scared and I saw I had to go the next chapter alone and bit by bit, day by day the pain eased and the wisdom kicked in.

Until one day I stood up and there I was totally happy, alone and free!

I finally knew me!

It’s only through pain we grow, it’s only through suffering we learn, it’s only through loss we appreciate, it’s only through betrayal we know trust, it’s only through being alone we learn to love us!

Happiness lies within, it’s in you!

All inside and when you find all of you the bliss and joy is abundant and then you know what life’s all about!

It’s about living free and seeing all that is beautiful, learning to love yourself and then giving it back in buckets to everyone without judgement.

Living simply with basics and appreciating all that you have on a daily basis.

When we live in gratitude and appreciate what we have we drop the pressure and expectations we put in ourselves usually in order to please others when it doesn’t matter anyway, those who truly love you will expect nothing but your beautiful self.

So drop your expectations, drop the attachments, drop the illusions of how your life should be and be grateful for you!

Tune inside and bring out your true value and worth and watch how beautiful life becomes!

It’s priceless to live and a pleasure to love ❤️

I’m currently coaching one to one adults on how to get on track, find a way to get everything they want and as a result be the best they can be!

My kids work is 5-18 years old and I mentor kids through a mindfulness programme for happy living.

Teaching kids, teens & adults how the brain works, how we think and how that makes us feel and behave and fine tuning the bits that we don’t like to let us live in a happier, calmer, more stress free place!

It’s medication free, it’s incredible knowledge and beyond life transforming!

So don’t wait book now and be the change you want! All you need is a good guide to show you how!

That’s me!

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Suitable for everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy Monday fabulous ones xx

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