Monday mindfulness: What is the price of a gift?

What is the price of a gift?

It’s christmas week and the shops are buzzing, credit cards maxing and cash quickly disappearing.

I do love to give gifts and I love receiving but I hate debt and the pressures of expectations we put on ourselves and the need to adhere to the seasonal pressures.

I was always taught to not live beyond my means and I was always taught a gift shouldn’t matter on the cost, it’s the thought that counts and yes I love seeing the happiness in peoples faces when they get a beautiful surprise or something they’ve always wanted.

As part of my Mindfulness programme I have an act of kindness week, where I coach my kids on daily awareness of carrying out random acts of kindness yet not telling anyone what they’ve done, I show them examples of trying to gift without cost, human awareness of helping others and appreciation by making hand made cards or at most buying gifts from charity shops or for £1!

Now I will tell you that, when gifts are unexpectedly given with love and genuine heartfelt thanks, that the gift of giving is priceless and that’s what’s makes our human hearts melt!

So enjoy and embrace your xmas gifting but trust me no need to break the bank, no need to add debt or to pressure yourself; be creative, be mindful and gift with love this season.

Showing people we care and are there for them is the greatest gift you can give and remember time is free so give time this year, a smile, a hug and show people the value of themselves!

Happy shopping and enjoy the season, ‘‘tis meant to be jolly after all, so that’s all up to you!

Try your acts of kindness this week, you’ll be surprised how little things add such difference to people’s lives!

Love and light Brenda x

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