Monday Mindfulness: What is love anyway?

Monday Mindfulness: What is love?

The day after valentines and it leaves us thinking about love.

What really is love?

Is it being with someone who adores you more than life itself?

Is it being loyal through the many challenges a long term relationship brings?

Is it truly loving yourself so that as a singleton you enjoy every moment not needing to compromise with another and enjoy being free.

Well as life is a mystery so is love.

As a norm I usually don’t celebrate valentine’s; my opinion has always been that you shouldn’t need a special day to celebrate love.

I prefer celebrating it when I most feel. I try to see the best in people every day and I believe love is not just sharing with a partner or special one.

I feel love is patience and kindness, understanding and trust, tolerance and endurance but mainly accepting people for who they are no matter what!

I believe as humans we grow and evolve and love is accepting change and accepting people as they grow.

Sometimes not to our liking, so love is realising that sometimes life doesn’t go as we would like. So to love is to go with the flow and accept what is.

Whilst fairy tales paint beautiful love stories I think real love is a different picture. It knows no bounds and survives the most difficult situations.

It’s also not about having a partner is it? What about loving yourself .. Does this count?

I think loving yourself is the most important cause, when you love yourself and live freely it’s only then will you truly respect yourself enough to live truly and when you love yourself loving everyone else is natural.

Love is being true to yourself.

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