Monday Mindfulness: The secret of a smile!

Monday Mindfulness: The secret of a smile!

Go on try it.. Put a massive smile on your face!

It feels awesome.. Totally good and that’s guaranteed every time you smile!

It gets better if you consciously think about how the smile affects your mind and body it’s an incredible source of free happiness.

Sit still for 1 minute right now and concentrate on your breathing. Then smile and concentrate on what it feels like.

It gives giddy and excitable feelings created by your smile which sends positive happy waves to the brain.

Now imagine that you now have the control mechanism to send these waves to yourself as often as possible..

Freakin unreal!!

I consciously catch myself smiling all the time… When I’m driving, walking the dog, sitting in a coffee shop, in work… Wherever and I always laugh at myself cause I’ve just realised :

I am responsible for my own emotions.
I can create more positive emotions.
I am the only person who can make me happy.

So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out.

For goodness sake Smile!

Lighten up, have fun, don’t take yourself so seriously and most importantly you are the creator of your thoughts feelings and emotions.

So today stick with a smile and make your inner self a whole lot happier!

By Brenda Shankey

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