Monday Mindfulness : The Power Of The Conscious Mind

We always believe what we think is right and our thoughts are real, but guess what they’re not.

50% of our belief system is from our experiences, relationships, social environment, everything we’ve seen, heard, smelt, tasted and touched from the day we were born.

Basically our 5 senses!

From the day we were born our mind picked up everything through our senses and our brain stored the information as fact but because we are all different, two people could have seen the same thing yet reacted mentally, physically and emotionally completely differently.

That’s why, through our 5 seanses everything we experience sends signals to our brain, the information is stored and that’s who we believe then who we are, because we listen and react to the unconscious mind.

The magic of mindfulness is that we move to the conscious mind and we learn about all the old negative thoughts, habits and beliefs that we hold which we genuinely think are true and we learn we have the power to change all of us… everything.

It’s in the wisdom of learning about your mind and how you are actually in charge but no one ever taught you, so for all your life you’ve been living in autopilot, believing your internal thoughts and emotions and behaviours.

So the power to change is simple through mindfulness; we concentrate on the conscious mind and we learn through stillness, calm and meditation how we can take full control of who we are and ultimately transform ourselves.

It’s amazing! Like everything else it’s not that difficult, it needs 2 things, a coach to teach you the knowledge and your commitment to change and the energy to want to be the best you can be!

So we have no need to be miserable in this life; we hold the power to design the life we want.

What are you waiting for just go and do it.

You’ll be amazed at the adrenaline rush of happiness and satisfaction you get from knowing you can be amazing.

Brenda x

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