Monday Mindfulness: The calm after the storm

I had the flu this week, unexpected, full blown dose and unwelcomed in my body!

After 7 years of studying my mind I recognise how finely tuned I am with my body/mind connection

Through Mindfulness I’ve learned not only how to notice my thoughts/feelings/emotions and behaviours but how to work with them to instil calm, less stress/anxiety/worry and quickly move all my defects into positive results all easier on my mind and body.

I learned how my thoughts created the feelings and emotions inside that triggered a behaviour and some unhealthy behaviours and emotions like fears/anxieties/panic/paranioa all unwelcome in my body.

So as I learned more about me and how I was tuned, I learned through mindfulness practice to notice my reactions and my body response and to learn how I work.

To be totally in tune with me.

From the inside out!

Now the mind is a complicated thing and not an easy task to master but like everything in life the more we practice and put effort into any one thing the more we learn, we progress and we improve our skill.

My mission was to improve me, mission self awareness and boy it wasn’t an easy task.

Ten steps forward, twenty back!

Yet again with determination, and knowing my end goal I didn’t give in, I kept trying, learning, failing, messing up, relearning, reassessing, made changes, learned more, kept moving forward…. no matter what, I didn’t give up!

Until one day the light went on and I saw, I saw that yes I felt different, I was feeling calmer, I wasn’t over reacting, I was less worried, my priorities changed, I had less anger and felt freeer, what was it? How did this happen?

The answer was I was ready, I was ready and willing for change and I knew in my gut what I wanted and I knew it was all inside me.

So operation calm was working, the learning was implementing change and I felt good!

The process of learning how to mange your emotions to me was liberating, why was I not told this as a child? Why had I suffered for so many years not knowing what I know now!

So the biggest bonus for me was knowing that no matter what happened in my life I was in charge of me, I controlled my reaction to everything and in working with me I could be more quietly confident within, have more inner self belief and self worth and have that inner bliss and calm as much as I wanted as long as I stayed in the moment and lived mindfully I could have all the happiness I wanted no matter what!

And I did!

And as life goes we live on that crazy roller coaster of the unknowing the unexpected, the traumas and the grief so:

When life brings us a storm, be calm.

When life brings us happiness, be joy.

When life brings us conflict, be peace.

When life brings us love, be love.

How mindful are you on you?

Hence 7 years on my passion as a Mindfulness coach is bursting I coach anyone who wants change on anything from improving in a sport or hobby to concentration in school or how to implement change because we don’t know, we don’t know our minds and once you learn the key.. your off, it’s like magic! It’s like a super powered button is switched on and your whole self comes alive but all in positive and inspiring way!

Never mind managing our stress and anxieties the power of mega for success is mega!

Tuning in all your strengths to move you forward! How good is that and you’ve got all the power I just show you how to use it!

So do yourself a favour switch on your power today and start living your best life!

Have a fabulous day!

Brenda xx

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