Monday Mindfulness: I’m struggling!

I’m struggling!

Oh I’m seriously struggling, I can’t get organised, disciplined and I’m so unsettled.

I want to stay in summer!

I’ve had a week were I’ve been so restless, irritable and discontent.

I’ve let my mind wander into fantasy and I’ve had to really work hard at staying in the moment.

What’s this got to do with mindfulness, well a lot really, because no matter who you are, what you do or how much practice you’ve had at mindfulness and meditation, we all slip, we all mess up, we all loose track and fall off the rails and you know what, it’s ok!

It’s ok not to be ok, it’s ok to loose your direction, it’s ok to make massive mistakes because it’s all part of our journey!

I said to a friend recently ‘ I’ve had the worst year of my life ‘ and he said ‘ no darling you didn’t, look what you’ve become, you learned to survive ‘!

And I looked back and thought emotionally yes I’ve not suffered so much but actually yes I survived and wow how I’ve grown and changed and fought with my every being for what I believed in!

So today Monday mindfulness people I’m telling you your darkest most painful days may actually just be the change you needed to take you to the next part of your journey and just maybe it’s the best most beautiful part of life that you haven’t experienced yet!

I never knew life could be so wonderful but I had to suffer the pain first and as they say there is always sunshine after rain!

So please remember whatever you are feeling right now, it’s temporary it will end and pain from now on look at as a beautiful form of learning!

Happy Monday my mindfulness ones!

Brenda x

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