Monday mindfulness: Starting over

Starting over again

January blues they call it, dreary skies, cold icy winds and a gloomy mood in the air.

People not wanting to get up from their cosy beds to face the day especially after so many holiday parties, presents galore, luxury food & drink and boom! What do we do now?

Slightly broke, bank balance tight, minus or scary and the fear of getting through overwhelms us!

It’s one of the times where mindful thinking really helps, we have a natural habit of creating fear by predicting the future, how we are going to manage, what’s gonna happen and how we feel uncomfortable in this moment with these thoughts of the future.

I am my own worst enemy at this (or used to be!) it’s called catastrophy thinking, thinking the worst or the unmanageable or unpredictable and WE yes YOU yes US we imagine the outcome of our future days/months/ minutes ahead.

Yet factually we can’t, we have absolutely no control over what’s going to happen, about to happen or what will actually happen.

So to manage anxiety, fears and unrealistic thinking a little easier try simply sitting still for one minute and breathing, just natural breathing and listen carefully to the sound of your breathing.

Then focus a little more by counting your breaths from the stomach, breathing in and release breathing out, repeat a few times until you feel calmer or more relaxed.

Then focus on the moment you are in and say ‘there is nothing I can actually do about my future thoughts now so I will let the worry and fear of them go for this moment’.

Then I get a pen and paper and write out my worries and create a plan of action to try to solve.

Not always possible, but at least I know I’m working towards a solution and my main aim is to keep the anxiety and panic out of my body.

What’s the best I can do in this situation & what does it really matter in the scale of life these things I cause myself angst over!

So bring life into this moment and bit by bit be kinder to your inner self, we all face life’s conflicts but could deal with them better if we had a calmer more rational thinking mind.

Brenda x

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