Monday Mindfulness: New Year Goal Planner

The last few days of 2015!

Ooohhh the festive overload I’m feeling the strain!

Over indulgence coupled with family get togethers, friends reunited and fun games.

I love it all. I love the giving and the receiving, the get togethers and the family bonding.

It also comes with reminiscence of the year gone past, what our high points were and what low points we came across.

We look forward to change, changing what we didn’t like and setting goals to achieve better things for ourselves.

It could be finding a new partner, job, finding happiness, getting a new hobby, and getting rid of stuff and people we don’t like.

The new year is like offloading an old layer of skin.. Off with the old and let the new layer grow!

We start off so enthusiastic and boom fall and give up at the first hurdle.

I ask you this year to try something different.

Try short term goals and that being simply setting daily goals. When you ease the pressure off yourself and treat yourself with a little kindness it’s easier to achieve a small goal plus reward and praise yourself for getting through that day! 

Simple here is my new year goal planner :

Write out what you’d like to achieve this year 2016.
Then break this into 12 week mini goals.
Then 4 week mini goals then daily goals.

So basically you are always aiming to the end goal but you need to take the baby steps along the way to get there.

When you keep your end goal in your mind simply relax and enjoy the journey!

One of my goals last year was to write a book and guess what… I’m just about to launch my new audio book on the 1st January!

One year to the day I achieved my goal!

My point is if I’d hadn’t written it down I may not have been so driven to achieving it.

Now I’m super excited to set new goals because I know anything I want to achieve I can do it!!

May I wish you all a beautiful new year and all the happiness in the world!

Make this year matter!

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I look forward to hearing from you and sharing many more blogs in 2016 xx

Brenda Shankey xx

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