Monday Mindfulness: Make every day as magical as Christmas

Haaaapppy Monday!,

Oh the sheer excitement it’s Christmas week.

We are all loving spending time with friends, buying gifts, donating to charities, loving the excitement in the children’s faces with our stories of Christmas.

We think of loved ones not with us and the fond memories of the times we spent with them.

We try and keep the peace by people pleasing as best we can on Christmas day, boxing day and over the holidays.

We try.. We make the effort and we treat those we love.

I adapted a new approach to life last year.

Everyday I got up I smiled, was delighted to see a new day and thought today I’m going to make this my best day ever!

I’m going to try to get 80% of my goals for today.

On that day I’d set my goals, I’d sit down for a few minutes, breathe and think about what I’d like to achieve today that would make me happy!

First was always making the 1st hour of my children’s day as positive, caring and loving so I was responsible for starting off their day with security, love and support.

Then I’d have some ‘ME’ time a few minutes for me to design my day, list my action plan and always I’d add in one thing to make me happy today and one act of kindness for someone else.

My attitude to life is simply this… Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is the present.. The best present you can gift yourself is how you spend today!

That’s mindfulness wrapped up in a big giant bow! Live in the moment, live, love, laugh and be fabulous!

The best philosophy you can gift yourself this Christmas is make every day simply special. Make every day matter. Love and care for those you love every moment you see them.

Don’t get caught up in life’s drama. It’s up to you. Make every day as magical as Christmas.

Have a wonderful day xx

by Brenda Shankey

Post Author: Belfast Times

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