Monday Mindfulness: Living The Dream

Living the dream

Bet I got you there!!

We all want to live the dream, but what is it? What do we want or what do we think we want? Two totally different things.

I always wanted to be 5.10 , size 8 and always be calm and carefree. Did I get that…eemmm NO! I’m 5.1″ and size 12. Normally a 10 but due to health problems I’ve gained weight and boy has it taught me a few things.

Never wish, live in cuckoo land or want to be someone your not! Don’t envy others or compare, that’s a complete self esteem destroyer.

Ok so I’m not my ideal weight but I can sort once my health issues are better (99% there!) Height, no chance I’m gonna be 5.1″ as long as I know. Yet why do these thoughts pop into my mind? It’s the idea that we have of ‘the perfect life/person’ It’s not real, it’s all illusions in our minds and sometimes when we let these thoughts become real that’s when we create unrealistic goals for ourselves and unrealistic expectations. This is where stress, pressures, eating disorders, reclusiveness and many more mental health issues take control of us.

So here’s what you do when you find yourself not loving whom you are or thinking you’re not good enough.

This is how CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy works.

When you see/hear a negative thought. STOP!
Then analyse it, is this thought real
Do I have evidence and facts for my thinking?
Can achieve these things?

Bit by bit break it down and when you face reality and your thoughts become clear then and only then do you breathe and remember you are who you are.
No one is like you so why do you want to be someone else?

Build yourself up, see your strengths and know that the only person who can make you accept you is you.

Believe in yourself and anything is possible and don’t let anyone stand in your way.

Be the best you can be.

Enjoy being fabulous.

Brenda x

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