Monday mindfulness: Living, just living!

Living, just living!

I’ve had a manic week and am quite exhausted truth be told.

I started my first week as a tutor in Stranmillis University College and it was a fun and exciting success.

Day one of everything is always nerve wrecking, who’s gonna be there, do I have to speak or do silly introductions about myself!

We all have major hangups about ourselves. judgement, what will people think/say and the truth is nothing. No one cares they’re all so self focused!

Everyone is feeling the same so they’re all self consumed by their own insecurities that it doesn’t matter what you think or say. Anyway I don’t have much audience talking in my groups so there’s little fear to be had!

I was away for two days in Birmingham training to be the new Northern ireland Ambassador for Tappy Kids. It fits well with my mindfulness with just a trillion more qualifications to add so Brenda’s little head was fried this week. Check out what I’ll be launching soon in NI schools at and  ; interactive websites to help kids and parents with any questions or concerns. It’s massive in the UK and has fabulous results for kids. I should be ready to rock very soon!

Kate Ford Aka Tracey Barlow is the patron in the UK and there is a yearly courageous kids awards in November so get voting for special NI kids!

It’s been a pretty educational week for me and it just shows you no matter what age or past career you’ve had, if you develop a passion your heart takes you right where you’re meant to be.

My kids mindfulness is still my baby and this week I had my best moments; I was in a nursery school and I was teaching them emotions, feelings, reactions, thoughts and behaviours but the big kid in me had to develop all my lessons via art. The fun I had developing a learning program for under 4 year olds. Back to the arts and crafts shop finding how I can get my message across visually. But nothing beats me and I was so excited with my specifically designed lesson plans for nursery kids!

Next is parents evening so I can educate parents on how to understand and manage kids tantrums or anxiety and try to add some mindfulness awareness from our youth up!

Thank goodness for the weekend and resting, because February is definitely my month as a student lol

Brenda x

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