Monday Mindfulness: Life detox

Life detox.

It's time! Time for me to completely zone out. It's time for my big life detox!

Two weeks, no phone, no tv, no laptop, no work, no commitments, no distractions. It's reassessing where I am today and how I wound like to move forward.

To do this I need to start with the unwind, offloading the past or burdens that I'm carrying or feeling. I do this through meditation, simply sitting still and allowing my mind and body to chill!

As many hours as it takes I work my way into my state of bliss.

And I sit, nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to annoy me, nothing, just nothing but me sitting still.

No worries, no fears, no regrets, no expectations just sitting in the moment wherever I am.

Stage 2 I listen, I sit still and listen to what I can hear. What I'm being guided to do next , what I need to learn more of, what changes I need to make. What toxins I need to remove (people, places or things) through meditation, mindful walks, clean and balanced nutrition, lots of water. Natural foods are the best medicine for a body detox and as we know, healthy body, healthy mind.

Learn what your body needs and source the information through foods and tweak your diet to suit your mental and physical needs.

There are foods for depression and anxiety, foods for bones and muscles, foods that aid most ills, so in this space I reassess where my body or mind ailments are, I reasearch and add to my diet.

Having seen the side effects of medications and having tried lots of medical options I find natural remedies suit me best, though I mainly try through foods first before I add supplements.

I am a whole different person when I'm not numbed by medication and I am in a better position to intuitively know how I feel about pain or mental upset therefore I know what to address better.

Several times a year I take off and reboot.

I go away into solitude, silence or retreats and totally focus on not focusing!

I recharge, delete the old and clear myself of what's not sitting well with me.

I offload and do a total clearance of body, mind and soul and in doing that I create new space for the next chapter, the next journey and the next experiences.

I often teach through mindfulness how many times we mess up, make wrong decisions, cause ourselves pain and turmoil simply because our mind is too cluttered, the monkey brain is frantic and we simply cannot see, hear or feel the more rational, better decisions in life for us.

And the simplicity of mindfulness is we learn how to instil stillness even if only for one moment a day it still helps, and in doing so we learn to slow the crazy brain and tune down the monkey chattering and in doing so we learn to listen more intuitively to our inner self and make more wise, rational, less harmful decisions.

In remaining calm we take control of who we are and we become more aware of what we really want and through calmness we can make better choices in following our guts and truest wisdom.

What I do is I really learn who I am, what it is I want and what my next steps are to gaining the life that's best for me!

I've made drastic changes in the past year but it took me 5/6 years of work to make those decisions.

I kept being pulled to change career yet I kept fighting it.

I wanted to stay in the comfort of security and protection of what I knew and every time I went to my silent retreat or meditation week my body was screaming at me to teach mindfulness.

I kept doing more courses and qualifications thinking I wasn't ready, wasn't experienced enough, wasn't qualified enough yet I knew I was.

So eventually the decision was made for me by circumstances and I'd no choice but to offer my mindfulness teaching as a career.

And boom I've never felt better.

I have the wonderful job of teaching kids mindfulness. I passionately followed my heart which led me to teach kids and how lucky I am to have had a year of massive transformation in so many young peoples lives.

It's not been easy, in fact it's been pretty difficult but I knew it was right and because of that I had an unwavering self belief that everything would be ok.

It's more than ok, it's unbelievably rewarding, my heart oozes love and compassion every day at the fact I'm doing what I love and therein lies my peace.

I've stepped out of the rat race into the calm, I have no one to impress only myself, I look after my children and then my other children I nurture and care for by gifting them the greatest thing a child can have, inner confidence, self belief , awareness of their thoughts, feelings and emotions and the ability to cope with anything.

I teach them resilience, managing their inner monkey, focus and attention, love and kindness and happiness and inner calm!

Coping with grief and disappointments, coping with bullies and social media trolls, looking after others with acts of kindness and looking after themselves with love and kindness.

Now at my age I'd have loved to be living life with this information so I didn't struggle and suffer so much.

So in a nutshell I now peel off any layers that don't sit well with me. I mentally Rest and reboot, I physically keep moving and nutritionally learn what my body and mind need for optimum performance.

And then I'm back fully recharged and ready for the next section of living, more calm, balanced and wise, more focused, prepared and energetic, and more ready to face the days ahead! No matter what, I now know life is not predictable or easy, it's not painfree or without hiccups but I do know if I'm calm and mindful nothing bothers me as much and I can cope with situations, pain and hurt much better. If my mind's crazy I cause myself more upset than necessary.

And finally I said 'I' cause myself more upset!

The biggest lesson I've learned is I am the problem with everything I do and say, but I am also my solution.

So when I care about me and look after myself first then everyone else benefits because I keep problems to a minimum!

Therein lies the answer to my life detox, it's my life and I can only look after me and if I'm good everyone wins!

So my choice is to do what suits me best and I think I've found my peace 🦋🦋🦋

Mindfulness meditation is my choice of medicine with space, time and love I've created my ideal life detox, what's yours?

See you all next Monday (oh and I will log in for my blog to update you on my detox!)

Brenda x

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