Monday Mindfulness: It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday!

Oh another year has passed and it’s officially my birthday today and I’m doing absolutely nothing!

I’ve taken the morning off for a lie in with the kids and quality time with my two loves.

They said mum apologies we’ve not much money to buy you anything and I said gifts don’t matter to me all I want is your time that means more to me than anything.

The more and more mindfulness work I do I realise how my life has changed so much and my mental health is at an all time high.

Everyone is blaming social media well to an extent yes but let’s bring things back to reality, human communication is what’s lacking.

Speaking and spending time together with people is the essence and value that’s gone, we worry too much about image and reputation and forget about true value of love, friendship and telling people their value.

Self esteem is at an all time low because we compare ourselves with others rather than looking at our own worth and qualities and believing that we are enough just as we are.

The mind is a very mischievous machine and i’ve learned mental illness can be improved by working constantly with our thoughts.

Like a computer what we input reflects the outcome. But most of us believe our self critic so much we don’t believe enough in ourselves to push beyond our limits and try different things and learn how much we can get our wishes and happiness by inputting the correct information to our brains and outputting the negative self criticism we kill ourselves with daily.

So with mindfulness I have a daily practice of positive input and when the critic appears I have to change the mindset or conversation and if I don’t I suffer, I get my depression and anxiety and I hurt.

So life is not easy and we all have good and bad stuff but when you know how to control some mindsets it eases your burden that’s unnecessary most of the time.

Happy Monday all and have a fabulous positive day.

Brenda x

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