Monday mindfulness: It’s all about you!

It’s all about you!

You are thee most important person in your life!

When I was first taught ‘you must look after yourself first’ as a people pleaser this was not easy.

To get through a usual day my focus would be look after the kids, my husband, the staff, friends and family.

Always be there for others I thought until sometimes I got people overload I became so consumed with trying to ‘fix’ others that I didn’t have time for me.

What a revelation to learn and practice that actually if you do not put yourself first and look after you, your really running on empty and carrying other people’s stuff.

That leads to drama, frustration, worry, fear and helplessness.

We can change no one and have no power over what others do or say.

Self protection is knowing to look after yourself 100% first to then be in the best place to help others without taking on their ‘stuff’.

The only power we have as people is that of ourselves.

We need to be the change we want to see In the world.

We need to assess ourselves, our reactions, our behaviours and our actions and change to be the best possible version of ‘Me’.

So take today and look at the situation in your life. What can you do today to make you a better version of you?

How can you improve on you?

What can you do today that would make you happy? (not costing anything).

Mentally when you look after your own basic human needs life with others is a whole lot smoother.

You are the problem in your life, but you are also your biggest solution!

Take stock today and #befabulous

Brenda xx

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