Monday Mindfulness: Holiday from what?

Holiday from what?

Funny I'm on holiday at the moment with my kids and it's absolutely wonderful.

We got excited weeks before we went when choosing the apartment and where we wanted to go, see and what we could do while we were there.

Experiences, memories, time.

To me that's what life's about; experiences, memories and time!

We are constantly experiencing life, what is it about, how does it make us feel and what did we learn?

We then remember the experience through memories, what did we see?, did we enjoy?, what little things made us feel good ?.

And time, we all know that we have no guarantee of life or time, however few realise how important it actually is!

I adapted an attitude quite a while ago that I would try to get up each day and start afresh, live in each day as if it was all I had and remember the experiences of that day.

I did and it was unbelievably amazing how much I saw, felt, experienced and enjoyed but more importantly how many beautiful memories I could make in 1 day.

We often book holidays to escape from our lives, for change, travel and happy memories.

What if we tried to make everyday a holiday?

What if we tried to change how we see, feel and hear our daily lives and what if we could do all this by simply changing our attitude to living?

You only live once they say, have fun they say, you will never get this opportunity again they say! And they would be right.

So as beautiful as holidays are and super exciting and experiencing new things.

I ask you to try to adapt an awareness of this in your daily life, see the beauty in everything, look at the moment and how good things actually are, because we forget, we forget to see what's right in front of us that is truly wonderful, and when we do it's unbelievable how much we change and how much we accept our daily living as a beautiful experience rather than a 'oh no I've got to do this again' experience.

Adapt an attitude of gratitude! Be grateful for everything, the little things, the big things and the unwanted things because they all together make up our package of life's experiences and that's where we see what it is we like, what makes us happy, what created the feelings we enjoy and what really matters.

It's often been said money doesn't buy us happiness but it helps and yes I must say in my experience I've been very fortunate and had a life of wonderful experiences and had lots of things, however when it's all gone and you sit with nothing and no one I realised all that can really buy me happiness is me!

I could be in the most expensive place in the world but I'm maybe sad and low and feeling alone yet surrounded by people, or I could be in a bedsit with minimal money and no people yet be totally happy, at peace and content with everything I have.

So in my experience and knowing what I know I do try to see everyday as a holiday.

I try to get up and experience a new 24hours, fresh experiences, new time and no guarantee of anything ahead!

When I do this then I see more good, more beauty and I'm more grateful for everything I have.

I don't want for anything when I see the value in what I've really got yet experience it in a new positive more grateful way.

I do like traveling and I do like new experiences yet I have to say it can be anywhere in the world as long as you see it and it makes you happy that's all that actually matters, brining happiness into your day!

Have a wonderful day my lovelies and where ever you are right now just remember to see the beauty of the day you are in!

Over and out for now.

Brenda x 

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