Monday mindfulness: Happy New Year

Happy new year!

It’s 2018 and who’d have thought another year begins.

Just another day, another new beginning, another blank canvas of life how it is.

For me it’s time for reflection on what’s past, what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown, what I’ve gained, what I’ve lost.

I’ve learned that life is ever changing, the seasons, our emotions, our lifestyles, our friendships, our situations, daily sometimes momentarily, sometimes permanently.

I’ve learned to accept easier, to let go easier, to forgive myself and others easier.

I’ve learned life can be as difficult as it is easy, as painful as it is to be filled with love, as happy as it is to see sadness and all in all it’s mainly how we accept it that makes a massive difference.

We can make it easier on ourselves by being kinder to ourselves, we can take opportunities and allow for mistakes, we can be foolish yet know we are human and above all we can know that all we’ve actually got is today.

So today for me is like every other, I get up do my best, love with all my heart, live, laugh, hurt, cry, suffer, mess up what ever that day may bring but I know that I am mindful that I am blessed to be here and what will be will be.

I have the power to change by my intentions, my actions, my words and my behaviour and In return I will accept my situation based on knowing I acted accordingly.

Do I set new year resolutions well yes and no because I set resolutions daily.

I make sure I don’t set myself up for failure or disappointments as I try to work within my limits and my reality.

Failure and disappointments can be harsh on self esteem, self worth & self values so my own power is believing in myself and knowing not to self sabotage or beat myself up too harshly for not meeting mine or another’s expectations.

So make today a new start every day, wake up with the wonder and excitement that we have opportunity for daily change and most of all take it easy, slow down, enjoy the now life doesn’t have to be so fast or busy.

Things get done, life happens just make sure to take the time to see it, feel it and enjoy it along the way!

Wishing you the most beautifulest of days and thank you all for following me along my journey!

Cheers to yet another exciting chapter on our wonderful journey called life!

Love from Sunny Italy where I’m on a 10 day digital & mind detox! (With exception of blog and communication with my kids!)

I must look after my peace of mind and tranquil space as my priority so I do!

No tv, no internet, long walks, new discoveries & locations, lots of rest, sleep, tranquility & PEACE!

Make time as we never get it back.

Do what you want to do and make no excuses, do it now and make your life matter!

Love & light Brenda xx

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