Monday Mindfulness: Happiness

Another short and sweet video blog this week but a subject we all strive for and that’s happiness!

What really is it that we want from happiness, we all have short term happiness from material things like new clothes, new car, good food, good nights out, instant short term pleasure and we know after a while the pleasure wears off so we look for the next thing we think will make us happy!

I am delighted though we are now becoming more aware that it’s more of an inside job, being happy as a genuine sincere feeling, appreciation for self and others, appreciation for what we’ve got in terms of basic human needs like a bed to sleep in, food, heat and very general but vital human needs for fulfilment.

Then there’s the biggest one which is self happiness, not ego and the thinking we are fabulous or better than anyone else or big headed, looking really inside and seeing that we have good values and good s sense of gratitude for who we are , how we look and how we treat ourselves and others.

We know this is real happiness yet we just keep forgetting, we try to impress others with our new things or our great skills and achievements which is all great but at the end of the day stress, anxiety, fear, panic and many other issues are all now caused by the not knowing how to see what real happiness is.

We compare, we judge, we want to be someone else or have their stuff and in our minds eye we think that will make us happier.

So to keep life simple the best way to have happiness is to see you as you really are, an individual with unique qualities, experiences and values and look inside and believe that in this one version of you if you show kindness, care, compassion for others , compliment yourself and others and know that today you have tried to be the best version of you then that’s what I’d say how today you’ve achieved real happiness.

Accept life as it is and know that changes happen but stay true to you and always at night look back on your day and be mindful of all you were grateful for.

Once you implement this daily soon it becomes a habit and you then become the master of your own happiness, needing no one nor nothing to have to make you happy!

So try this for a while and see how little things change and your bigger worries and fears become smaller.

Change the way you see things and things will change to be much better!

Happy Monday all xx

Brenda x

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