Monday Mindfulness: Gratitude

Monday Mindfulness: Gratitude

Hello my lovelies, apologies I didn’t write a blog last week, I caught a beautiful Easter bunny bug and it literally knocked me off my feet. I didn’t know one day from the next. I had to cancel most of my appointments and I hate letting people down.

I truly try my best daily to do as many happy things and achieve goals to make others happy. So my life lesson last week was to accept the things you cannot change.

But it got me into a new gratitude way, we need to be happy with our health which we often take for granted until we are ill. Your health is your wealth. We often hear this and often take our lives for granted. We busy away getting on with our day.

So for all people who suffer illness daily I salute you because yes it’s one thing to be mindful and accept life as it is, but when it knocks you off your feet you soon learn a new value of living.

Mental and physical health are our wealth in life, so today I am grateful for that. Be grateful for your health, have gratitude for those who look after us, our carers, medics and those who help you out when you need them. Gratitude to all the amazing human beings.

People are simply amazing; remember to always thank them.

Happy healthy Monday from this mindfuless coach today.

As the cup says ‘ You are fabulous!’

Love as always

Brenda for bookings

My new class starts this week in Stranmillis University Thursday 11-12 £40 for 8 weeks. Maybe see you then.

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