Monday Mindfulness: Dealing with emotions

Dealing with emotions.

I often wonder what it would be like to have less emotions, less rollercoasters of ups and downs and I strive daily to keep balance.

Days and weeks I’m just fab, easing through, coping with what I can and accepting what I can’t.

Then boom! I’m down! All over emotional and I have to shake myself off and begin again, sometimes it’s back to the start and rule no 1!

Of course that’s humans and I see how emotions work weekly with kids, it’s wonderful how they see the works and explain their inner wisdom and voice!

We talk about, happy, sad, angry, mad, disgust, resilience, other people, confidence, inner chatterbox, self belief, the list goes on.

Yet when emotions are explained to a kid, they get it, they understand and they work with it.

As adults I feel we battle more, our expectations are higher, we have mire hang ups, baggage, opinions and have we ever really been taught how to manage our emotions?

I often say take that stick off our backs, release all our worries and pre conceived ideas of how life should be and breathe, come into this moment and appreciate what we see, hear, feel,touch and taste.

Experience this moment!

I guess emotionally we are people from our life’s experiences, our upbringing, our environment and some from our brain chemistry, our hormones, DNA, and many other psychological effects.

The neurological study of the mind is fascinating yet all anyone wants is the knowledge, the knowhow, hints, tips and experiences of how to live with ourselves!

I once met a person (actually many) and they told me they were living life as a tortured soul. Lost, not knowing what to do or how to live, and I guess that sets the tone for today, for one moment of mindfulness ask yourself what is your purpose here today?

How do you manage your emotional wellbeing?

How do you plan your life?

How best can you make it?

It’s definitely not a competition, it’s an unbelievable journey and some I’d prefer not to encounter again but then that’s the challenge:

Life is unpredictable:

Change is inevitable:

No one has the answer!

So do what you think is best for you, learn to live with Human kindness, add to peoples lives, forgive yourself and try to move forward.

Nothing is easy and no one is perfect so hustle up and enjoy the ride!

Brenda x

For those of you in the Newry area I’m delighted to announce I will be teaching fortnightly at Zen Day Spa.

Pop along and join me for an introduction to mindfulness and let’s do this together!

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