Monday Mindfulness: Daily Motivation

Every day is a blank canvas.

We literally have no idea what’s going to happen so we can direct and manage part of our day ourselves.

This includes planning, vision, motivation, goals and fulfilment.

The teachings of Mindfulness is to live in the present moment without judgement, living in the moment and accepting life as it is.

So that given, then you CAN enjoy and make the most of every moment.

It’s how we look at life and see things is how it matters and how it impacts on us.

We can breeze through disappointments, upsets, unexpected situations, hurt by simply looking at the situation or persons differently, with compassion and a forgiving heart.

Simply letting it all go because most of our opinions of how life should be is in our mind and how our conditioned selves think it should be, yet another person in our position would see it completely differently and maybe not take the same situation so seriously or traumatic.

Therefore it’s the conditioned mind inside us whom makes our illusion of our perceived life!

Drop our illusions and we drop our preconceived ideas and we drop our judgements of everyone and everything and in doing so we live free. Free from the blocks, the walls and prison of our own mind!

What bliss it is to live free, honestly it’s truly liberating and life transforming to simply be yourself.

Not trying to be something or someone to fit into societies approval box. Approval box for what I say? We are all humans, all unique powerful individuals so where did we develop the self critic, low self esteem, needing others approval concepts?

We picked up conditioning along the way and some of it wasnt necessarily healthy. It was an idea of if we did this, looked like that or had that we would achieve our perceptions yet once we did we had temporary fulfilment therefore we set our goals a little higher in fight of the next feeling of fulfilment

So today’s insight is drop it all! Be free, be unique, be yourself and

Do yourself a favour today and look at today as a one off opportunity to live this day!

Set your mind to enjoy every moment and make today as best you can make it!

It’s all in a mindset, YOUR mindset.

Good, bad or indifferent you’ll never get today back so enjoy the good, learn from the bad, notice pain and illness and look at ways to make today be at its best.

It’s all up to you, your in charge, you’ve got control so have a look at your mindset and change that switch and see the value in today.

That’s freedom knowing what you know!

Brenda X

For one to one coaching on mindset, Mindfulness living or motivation. Email me at

For children’s mindfulness coaching I work on self confidence, self esteem, body image, emotions (anger/fear/worry/paranoia/grief/ocd)

Sleeplessness , irritability , sensory issues, social issues, bullying and attention.

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