Monday mindfulness: Make it Christmas every day

It’s December! Helllooooo!

Winters here, the heat is on, the coats are out. Oh how I love December. I love the hibernation, the cosy nights in, the movie season and mostly lots of quality time with my kids.

Time indoors equals more time together and I treasure every moment of time I get with my family.

I must say I adore Christmas, I love winter and I love the buzz, excitement and memories Christmas makes, however I am that person who believes every day should be like Christmas and I try to live with that attitude.

I embrace every day with an attitude of making it special, memorable, fun, exciting and try to show kindness as much as I can.

A wise man once taught me ‘live every day like it’s going to be your last’. And I try, I try to adopt that attitude and it changes everything, it makes little things and moments more special, it takes the pressure out of unimportant nusances, it keeps me grateful of the moment and I care less on the past and the future, I try to keep my happiness in today and that in turn makes my Christmas every day.

It’s in loving we receive love, in giving we receive and in trust we gain our patience and it’s in seeing we appreciate, in accepting we stop wanting and in opening our eyes we truly see every real gift – that is life.

The wonder is now, it’s here and it’s magical and with that wonder opportunities arise, we see real beauty and our gift is here.

So make Christmas every day, gift yourself with wonder, with joy and fun and in return that feeling of being at peace with the now.

It’s not rocket science that the greatest gift of happiness is you! All we have to do is find it, wrap it up and let it shine, we don’t need the excess and frills we’ve got everything we need, the gift of self!

So whist we embrace this wonderful season just remember every day is as wonderful as we make it. Don’t miss the magic ❄️❄️❄️

Brenda x

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