Monday Mindfulness: Be your best self

Be your best self.

I speak from the heart when I tell my story most of how I got here has been through genuine suffering and struggles with mental health since my son was born 15 years ago.

I had post natal depression and for years I battled to try to be me again.

People are very quick to judge especially on social media without a filter and with all the will in the world only those who have been there would know not to judge, comment or criticise anyone who has come through traumas and come out the other side a new happier version of themselves.

Only those closest to me will know the hard graft I’ve put in to get where I am today and I guess when your in a profession of caring and service all you should care about is those who benefit from your work.

And that brings me to my video this week how to be your best self.

It is simple we need to actually sit back and look at where we are, what we’ve actually got and how we can make this moment the best we can.

Regardless if it’s a difficult time or troubled time, I’ve learned most of my most difficult times were sent to challenge me, to change things and usually for the better.

So now I look differently at troubles. I look at them with a calm, accepting attitude and I say ‘ what am I meant to learn or change here’, ‘what is my message’.

That thought alone prevents me from going into an anxiety or depression because I don’t worry, fear it or over analyse situations.

I take them as fact in this moment that some things are out of my control but my thought and reaction to it are all my responsibility.

In doing that I am 100% mindful and present in that moment and in that moment I always see good. I still feel my peace and happiness and I accept life is exactly as it’s meant for me.

For me.

This is all my experiences and thoughts plus years of mistakes and unknowing how to manage me I’ve finally grasped how to live in happiness fully present and omg what a liberation.

The critics will always be there, jealous people will always be there, traumas and disasters will always happen in the world but within me I cannot change any of that I only have the power over my self and I’ve learned the biggest gift in life is to be free, to live in this moment without judgement and to love.

Love is the beautiful gift I feel and gift daily and I’m blessed to gift it through my work.

The joy of teaching everyone I Coach to be their best self is limitless.

I have no limits, I give my clients the tools and I show them how and they grow and shine!

With belief, confidence and the right tools anyone who is willing to be their best self and live in real happiness can have it in abundance and that’s why I’m here.

That is my life’s purpose and I was catapulted here through no choice of mine, through excruciating change, loss, pain, suffering, depression, anxiety,  trauma, panic, the lot!

Only when I’d suffered enough did I surrender to life and listen to my inner guide and now I sit alone, in a new part of my life and I see the value in everything and everyone and I know I had to do what I had to do to get here.

I get up daily and I try to be my best self, I do my best, I try to be mindful and gift others the tools for successful living and without doubt the miracle for me is there is a solution we just need to find what works for us!

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Brenda Shankey

Have a fabulous Monday all x

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