Monday Mindfulness: Resilience

Sometimes happy, sometimes sad.
We’ll never know the day we’ll have.
Sometimes high, sometimes low
We’ll never know our mood or how our day will go.

We can hit rock bottom or fly sky high
It’s the unknowning each day that makes us wonder why?

What will happen today we can never know
All I can do is try and make a go.

Make a go at just living and getting through each day
It’s sometimes just enough we can do to try our best to get it together in some way.

Throughout the joy
Throughout the pain
We all have difficulties but no two the same.

It’s happiness we want each and every day
So we need to find our wisdom to get us through each day.

With love and understanding and knowing to find a way
That will give us the pleasure we want just for today.

Let go and breathe, trust and don’t dismay
Because life has a funny way of showing us how it’s meant to play.

Transform your inner self by taking daily care
Dropping your self critic and giving yourself love and care.

Resilience we need to build us inside out
So that when we hit rock bottom we know how not to buckle out.
And always be forgiving to yourself today
Because no one is that perfect to make you feel that way.

Keep good friends around you, cry or even pray
But please know time passes and this too will go away.
Learning strength & acceptance have a big part to play
In keeping my sanity maybe just for today!

love & light

Brenda x

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