Mixed Marriage at the Lyric Theatre

20130209-101305.jpgMixed Marriage at the Lyric Theatre is a 101 year old play which is as current today as it was when it first debuted in Belfast only a couple of weeks after Titanic sank.

The story about a young couple in love wanting to get married with one or both parents not giving their seal of approval could apply to any number of scenarios during the last 100 years.

The play could be easily be talking about an interracial marriage, a marriage of different social classes, a marriage with a big age difference, or to be really current, a same sex marriage, but it’s not, it’s about a young couple in Belfast from different religious backgrounds. It’s about a young Protestant lad falling in love and wanting to marry his Catholic girlfriend.

It’s a superb, touching and emotional production from the Lyric Theatre. A theatre doing what it always does best, keeping it local.

I loved the performance by Katie Tumelty as the mum, Mrs Rainey. The role of mother to the young lad, was peacemaker of sorts, she saw that her boy was in love with his girl, and she accepted it, she saw that her husband had his reason to oppose the marriage, and she tried to accept that, because she loved him.

Mixed Marriage has its funny moments as the mum makes us smile and laugh at some of her ‘local’ dialect and mannerisms.

But it’s the final violent scenes outside the family home which are emotional and touching and also very real and current.

On stage we watch the fear of the family inside their home as riots happen outside their door, we watch the passion of a young couple in love, the conflict of a mother and wife, and a stubborn father who sees himself as right, no matter what the consequences.

And there are consequences.

Another great production at the Lyric and a superb launch to the Belfast400 season.

Mixed Marriage, by St. John Ervine is playing on the Danske Bank Stage at the Lyric Theatre until 23rd Feb.

Tickets available from the box office on 02890381081 or online at www.lyrictheatre.co.uk

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