#MindfulnessMonday : Letting go of idle chatting 

Changing our ways.

Letting go of idle chatting:

I squirm when I’m in company and people speak negatively about others.

I also am amazed at how people take as fact on information they hear.

From general life and business life I’ve been the victim of idle gossip and heard a lot of untruths about others.

A great saying I once heard was ‘there are 3 sides to every story.. Yours, theirs and the truth!’

I’ve been witness to this a lot as people panic in situations they cover the truth to save face.

Why do we find it difficult to say the truth, to admit we are wrong, we’ve made a mistake?

What’s actually so wrong with being wrong?

In my mindfulness training I learned to take a step back, breathe and look from the outside in.

Never rush into your opinion with idle gossip, look at your mistakes and try saying ‘hey look I’m sorry I messed up, I didn’t mean to react that way, I didn’t mean that as it was!’

Think think think and breathe ……

When you become more mindful and compassionate you break the cycle of gossip and upset.

Do not feed other people’s stories and my favourite is ‘would I like anyone saying that about me?’

I am a very open book and I also hold a very open view on others. I don’t think it’s my right to judge anyone else. I’m not in their shoes, I’m not living their life.

So today in your mindfulness journey I ask you to be aware, be aware of your thinking your opinions and more importantly your words regarding others.

Have a compassionate day, think kind and understanding thoughts of others.

And think who am I to judge anyone other than myself?

Mindfulness for today is simply being aware of your words.

Have a fabulous Monday my gorgeous friends xx

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