Mindfulness time out! by @brendashankey

Mindfulness time out!

Ola from France my Monday mindfulness peops!

Aww the sheer bliss of holidays and I’ve forgotten how much we need time out. Both for ourselves and our families and friends.

I always say it takes me a few days to switch off totally, however being self employed and a business owner I feel like I still need to ‘check in’!

Luckily here where I’m staying in France the village by the beach has no WiFi.

 No WiFi?’, I was alarmed on the first day that businesses could even exist without WiFi. But none.. In the whole village!

That was that! I’ve left the everyday phone at home, and can actually only check emails and messages first thing in the morning or when I return at night.

The sheer bliss of this is so important; taking time away from everything social media and constant work management and answering things we ‘think’ are important, when actually, nothing in life is ever ‘that’ important unless it something extremely serious like an illness or death.

We ‘make’ things important.
We ‘decide’ what’s going on in our day.
And we ‘decide’ what really matters and ‘who’ really matters.

So au revoir from me while I enjoy the rest of my quality time in the peace and tranquillity of the beautiful sea, sand and sun!

Have a wonderful mindful Monday!

Brenda xx

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