Memories to last a lifetime: Tramped Out

How is it August already?! This summer is moving far too quickly for my liking. In an effort to make the most of the good days still to come I’m investing in a piece of outdoor leisure/fitness equipment: a TRAMPOLINE!!! I have to admit, I’m rather excited about it.

Amber wanted for one for Christmas but agreed with my reasoning that it would be too cold and wet to use it, so she asked Santa if he could please deliver it in the summertime instead. She’s coming to stay with us for a week on Monday 22nd, so Santa’s going to bring it on Friday 19th and we can build it on Saturday and test it all day Sunday!

I didn’t get a go on a trampoline until I was in my teens, so it was pretty much guaranteed that I was going to do something stupid on it. On a daily basis.

Yep, that’s me jumping off my friend Aaron’s shed…

Yep, that’s me jumping off the roof of Aaron’s house…

My sense of self-preservation has improved (slightly) since then, but I’m wondering if the urges will return when I get a trampoline of my very own… I’ll keep you posted. It also raises one of the foremost parenting paradoxes; the fact that I’m going to try to discourage Amber from doing anything reckless while knowing full well that I did much, much worse!

I think she’ll probably go ahead and do the reckless stuff despite (or maybe because of) what I say, but I can’t really contest that because it’s exactly what I did, especially in my late teens. I knew that my Dad had gotten into fights and crashed cars and caused trouble when he was young, but that didn’t stop me from doing all of those things. Obviously I wasn’t (usually) doing it on purpose, but my Dad said it was hard to watch me making his mistakes all over again. I appreciate the fact that he wasn’t hypocritical about it though; he let me know that it was okay to make mistakes but he always made sure I learnt from them, which is a skill I now utilise on a near-daily basis. “The man who never made a mistake never made anything,” was a phrase I heard often, even when I was Amber’s age, and I hope I can show her the benefits of that mindset without being hypocritical myself. “There are no mistakes, only lessons,” is the wording I use, and I think it’s a rule to live life by. It’s also the title of a blog post I wrote-, which you should definitely check out!

Amber & my dad, Christmas 2014
My Dad and me, October 1984
Have a great week whatever you’re up to guys, and be excellent to each other!

Tommy x

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