Memories to last a lifetime: Tramped Out 2

Oh snap, Summer Santa brought a trampoline!!

And what great weather we got for it; we bounced the whole day! Poor Jenn had to work but she still got a good go when she came home. If you want to see what absolute joy looks like, this is it!

Of course I had to have a little go to test the bounciness after we (I mean Santa) built it… Not quite as graceful as it used to be but I suppose that just means I’ll have to get out and practice more!

I’d forgotten what a good workout it is too, I’m knackered! With such an emphasis on childhood obesity these days I think we forget that kids still want to be kids; given the opportunity most of them will want to be outside messing about. Amber would quite happily sit on the sofa watching Adventure Time and eating biscuits all day (not going to lie, we’ve done this on multiple occasions), but if it’s a nice day then going for a walk in the woods or getting out on the bike (or bouncing on the trampoline now) is much more fun. Even helping out on the farm- Amber loves getting her overalls on and washing the tractor or filling up the water troughs! She’s certainly much more excited about it than I am, but in years to come she’ll probably hate it and be seldom seen outside of her room. I know a lot of kids don’t have the opportunity to go exploring in the countryside, PLUS we haven’t got an awful lot of good weather left, so I do try to make the most of it while the sunshine (and Amber’s enthusiasm) lasts…

Have a great week whatever you’re up to, and be excellent to each other!

Tommy x

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