Memories to last a lifetime: Suntimes!

Anyone else tempted to phone in sick this week?! Looking out at the sunshine has to be classed as a form of torture! We’ve had a pretty hectic schedule, but managed to fit in a few fun projects too.

There’s an oak tree along our lane that I’ve been eyeing up for a few months now. Initially I wanted to put a treehouse in it, as Amber has been on at me to build one for quite a while. When we’re out for walks we pass my old treehouse which is now derelict, ridiculously hard to get to, and overhangs the road… I used to lie up there reading Adrian Mole and launching handfuls of blackberries at oncoming traffic. The oak tree hasn’t quite got the limbs for a treehouse, but it did remind me of the time my Dad built me a tyre swing. It was the dirtiest and most uncomfortable thing to try and use, and it was always full of water so I hardly ever used it, but the memory really stands out. I managed to get the treehouse postponed for a while in favour of a swing!

The support branch is about 15 feet up and the field is on a gentle slope, so if you stand on the ditch you can get a really good long swing. Obviously I had to test it before Amber had a go (no pics I’m afraid!) but I’d forgotten how much fun it is!

I had to put it up in such a way that it’s easy to take down, as the cows for some reason love to munch on synthetic fibres and would most likely chew through the ropes and completely wreck the plastic seat. Speaking of cows, we had to delay the swinging when some of ours broke into the wrong field! Amber wasn’t particularly compliant when I asked her to sledgehammer the new post in…

We also had a lot of fun with my latest random purchase; a 1960s sea foam green Smith Corona typewriter. My Mum used to have one and I remember writing stories and messages on it, but hers was beige… this one perfectly matches my 1963 Strat replica!

Amber loves the tactile nature of having to hit the keys and seeing the ribbon rise up and the hammer strike the letter onto the page, but there was some confusion when she made a mistake and asked “Daddy… where’s the delete button?!”

It has a completely different feel to a computer keyboard; it just calls to you and makes you want to write something! The sound of the hammers, the bell when you reach the end of the line, the ratchet as you push the carriage return… In fact, I’m going to go hunt-and-peck a story out right now. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Have an absolutely wonderful week, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Tommy x

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