Memories to last a lifetime :Roman Around

Ciao bella!

Apologies for the disruption in service; we were off sunning ourselves and sampling the flavours of Ancient Rome!

We did all the typical tourist stuff; the Roman Forum, the Palatino, the Colosseum, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Vatican Museum, St Peter’s, the Sistine Chapel, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon.. we even visited 3500 dead monks in the Capuchin Crypt.

All that sightseeing kept us pretty active; we were walking 10 miles a day! We also went to a Banksy exhibition and ate pizza and ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it was horrible, you would hate it, honestly, trust me.

Back in good ol’ Norn Iron Amber has had me slaving away at the drawing board, because you know regular colouring books just won’t do.

I must say though I do really enjoy it, and my illustrating skills have vastly improved. Plus I was exactly the same at that age; my poor mother was tortured. “Draw Optimus Prime!” “Draw Lion-O!” “Draw Leonardo!” Secretly she loved it too.

That got me thinking about memories, and as that’s the subject of this blog I thought I’d share this interesting insight- did you know that up to around 10 years old children retain fewer memories than would be expected? It’s called Childhood Amnesia (

Amber will be 7 in December, and even now we’ll be talking about something that happened 6 months ago which at the time was a really big deal, and she’ll have no memory of it. But then the other day she mentioned the time that we found a baby mouse in my shoe and took a picture of it; she must’ve been about 3 when that happened!

I sometimes wonder what memories are going to stick with her, and I suppose that’s one good thing about smartphones and taking loads of pictures. It’s often not the memory itself that’s lost, it’s just that the neural pathway leading to the memory has been forgotten. Now there’s always going to be photographic evidence to remind us of those moments in time.

Like building giant snowmen, exploring ancient ruins, and making dens at the bottom of the garden!

Hope you guys have a great week whatever you’re up to, and if you’d like to check out more of our adventures in the interim you can get me on

Be excellent to each other!

Tommy x

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