Memories to last a lifetime:  Making Movies

Memories to last a lifetime: Making Movies by Tommy Bell

Happy Tuesday!

A lot of you lovely people messaged me saying how much you were looking forward to reading about our outdoor adventures, but alas not much adventuring has been done this past while. The weather out our way has been decidedly rotten.

On days such as those I’m a real sucker for a movie marathon- snuggling up on the sofa with a nest of blankets and cushions and a big tray of munchies is my idea of a good time. But I need to feel that I’ve earned it; sitting in front of the TV all day makes me lethargic and unproductive.

After putting the washing away, getting another load on, emptying the dishwasher, polishing my “Boyfriend of the Year” award, and making lunch, Amber and I picked out our favourite films. The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and the Lego Movie were all among the pile, which reminded me of a Lego app I had seen that allows you to make stop-motion animation on your phone.

Instead of watching a movie, we decided to make one!

 lego movie maker  
Alice in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland cosplay not essential but highly recommended.)

All you have to do is build a little jig to hold your phone (the green thing in the picture,) set up your characters, and away you go!

We started off with the very best of intentions but let me tell you, I have a new-found respect for stop-motion animators. I always knew it was a painstaking process, but you don’t realise just how UNBELIEVABLY SLOW it is until you try it yourself. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great fun and the time absolutely flies by, but man… one of the movies we did took about half an hour to make, and it actually has 2 whole seconds of action. 2 FFFFLIPPIN’ SECONDS!!

We did a few simpler ones that took 10-15 minutes and lasted around 3 seconds , such as the one below. As the number of characters increases so does the difficulty and the labour-time, so please take this into consideration when you’re making your own movies!

We also had this little madam round for a sleepover, Nellie the pug!

 Nellie the pug 
Nellie belongs to Jenn’s sister, and she lets us look after her from time to time. We have a real menagerie of creatures who roam the farm; Boris the buzzard, Farley the Fox, the pheasants Lord Fredrick and Sir George (and their harem of hens,) Sunshine, Bramble, and Clover, known collectively as the Laurel Lodge Bunnies, not forgetting the bats Vlad and Mina, as well as all manner of cows and sheep, but no actual pets.

When Amber was little we had 2 kittens, Russ and Reggie, but they fell victim to the busy traffic on our farm.

 Rusty and Reginald 
R.I.P Rusty and Reginald 🙁

Jenn and I discussed the possibility of getting an indoor dog, (less likely to be flattened by agricultural machinery,) but as we both work full-time we decided it wouldn’t be fair to leave the poor pup locked up from 8.30 til 6 every day by itself. In lieu of an animal to call our own, we decided to offer respite care for Nellie every so often! She and Amber get on rather well.

 Amber and Nellie 
That’s about all our craic, suffice to say that we hope you have a fantastic week whatever you’re up to, and here’s hoping for some decent weather so we can get outside!

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

by Tommy Bell x

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