Meeting Maggie Muff

20130214-090419.jpgDiamonds or Dildos!! That’s the answer I got when I asked one time bank manager Leesa Harker what her perfect Valentine’s present was.

Now there’s an answer you don’t forget in a hurry.

Leesa, the hilarious writer who penned the genius 50 Shades of Red White and Blue book, took some time out of her hectic day to talk to Belfast Times.

The day before another book signing in the Easons Belfast store, Leesa talked about her favourite movies, her ideal man, and her inspiration for the name of her leading lady, Maggie Muff.

From bank manager to unemployed single mum, Leesa has always wanted to be a writer, and she talked to me about how she had a Plan A and a Plan B, neither of which have happened yet, but the future is looking bright.

What were plan A and B?
Plan A was to finish my degree and train to be a teacher, Plan B was to write a chick-lit novel.

Do you think you will write that novel?
I hope so, I’ll see where Maggie Muff takes me. I’m just enjoying the ride this is taking me on at the minute. It’s something that has taken me by surprise, as I just started it as a wee joke for my mates and now I have two books, another one on the way, a play and I’m writing a script for a TV pilot!

Are your characters based on real life?
They aren’t based on any one person. As a writer when I meet people I notice something about them and remember it, so I guess the characters are are based on a number of people. As for Maggie, well my dad would always call my mum Maggie when she has a millie moment! So that’s where the name came from for Maggie Muff.

Some of the situations are based on true stories though, like the story about falling asleep in a tyre on the 11th night, that’s actually true!

Your new book, Dirty Dancin in Le Shebeen… What’s a Shebeen?
Oh my god, you’ve never heard of a Shebeen!?! It’s an illegal drinking den!

Have you ever been to one?
Haha, a long time ago, I’m game to try anything haha, I walked in and the carpet was sticky, and all you could drink was vokda and orange or vodka and coke, it was like chav city!

You are back in Easons on Valentines Day for a book signing with a hot young man I hear?
Haha, that poor wee young fella. He’ll be topless and my fans can be a bit wild, so he’ll be mobbed. I’m looking forward to it, it’s always fun to hear about people getting so in to the characters.

What’s your favourite movie?
Oh it has to be Bridget Jones, when it came out my friends all said , ‘oh my god Leesa, you have to see it, it’s all about you!’ so when I did see it I was skundered to be compared to Bridget. I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but it is my favourite movie, along with Dirty Dancin of course.

IMG_1815What’s your favourite local saying?
Haha it has to be ,’here’s me wha?’ with the come back, ‘here bes me, Aye’ I used that in the play ,’here’s me wha, here bes me, Aye, here’s me wha, here bes me, Aye, here’s me wha, here bes me, Aye’ …hilarious!

As it’s Valentines Day, who’s your perfect man?
My perfect man? Like a famous person? Oh I have a thing for Danny from the Script at the minute.

And then your perfect Valentines present?
Oh my god, I don’t know, um Diamonds, they are a girls best friend, oh and dildos, yeah, Diamonds and Dildos! Hahahaha…oh can you say that in Belfast Times………?

It looks like I just did!

You can catch Leesa with her half naked fella in Easons Belfast on Valentines Day between 12 and 2.

You can also buy 50 Shades of Red White and Blue and other books by Leesa here.

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