Made in Belfast (Cathedral Quarter)

While most of Northern Ireland baked on one of the warmest Sunday afternoons of the year, we headed indoors.
After the lunchtime cinematic experience that was the Harry Potter finale in the Odyssey Cinema ViP screens. We wiped away the tears of probably 14 years of Potter history since we read the first book. It wasn’t just the end of the movies, but it felt like a big part of of our literary and movie magic had ended.
Then rather than get in some rays of sun, off we went to Made in Belfast (Cathedral Quarter). Maybe the old name of Hooligans didn’t work well enough but on a Sunday afternoon, the new name wasn’t exactly attracting the crowds in. We shared the quirky restaurant with 2 other diners at one point.
But don’t let that put you off. With 3 Roast Black Angus sirloin beef ordered off the specials menu and 1 BBQ burger we all agreed the food was quite delicious. So good in fact that we progressed on to the most amazing desserts. A stunning Choc Pot, a huge Sticky Toffee Pudding and a couple of Honeycomb Pavlovas. We just couldn’t fault the food, or indeed the service for that matter. Well apart from a coffee forgotten to be served at the end, but we were given a free coffee to compensate.
The place is crazy, with teapot lights, punch bags hanging from the ceiling and food served in your grannies pots and cutlery. It’s definitely quirky, mad and I want my house to look like it! In fact, if the chef could just come along and cook for me as well!


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