Lyndsay Malone Tall Ships daily diary: The first shift

Volunteer Role: Liaison Officer
Assigned Ship: Europa
Shift: 07:30 – 15:00

Day 1 – Thursday

My first shift started at 7:30, plied with coffee, croissants and danish pastries we congregated for our debriefing. 

Essentially we’re like PA’s for the ship, we were told where to direct the Captain or First Officer for their admin duties and informed of all the glamorous things like when and where to dispose of garbage!! But there’s plenty of fun stuff too to help coordinate, like the crew parade, party etc. The Captain’s Dinner is tonight and it’s our job to make sure the captain is ready to go on time!

There to greet my beautiful ship, the Europa, was myself, fellow volunteer Gordon and Senior Liaison Officer David. Their docking was a fascinating operation to watch, very slick indeed. In no time we were welcomed to hop aboard while the gang plank was put in place. Filming the whole thing was the BBC crew and I also managed to get a few words with the lovely girls of Moon Monkeys so you’ll be seeing my bake all over the place!

This morning was taken up mostly by interviews and getting shots of shaking Captain Klaas hand several times over and taking away garbage! Watch out for that on BBC’s show on BBC1 8pm this Sunday. 

So other than having a camera pointed on me, we sorted out grocery deliveries, garbage and of course the printer! 

The crew are lovely, Captain Klaas, First Officer, Penny, Director Leentje, Skipper Greg and carpenter Aaron have all been a delight to meet. The ship, built in 1911, is just wonderful but I hope to get a proper exploration of it tomorrow. It’s been a really manic day. The time just flew in, didn’t even get my lunch!! But I’ll make sure that’s not the case tomorrow.

I’m now home, refuelled, showered and changed and ready to head back down to explore everything beyond Queen’s Quay. I am loving this Tall Ship Festival!!

Tomorrow I hope to get really stuck in, with no cameras! We have the crew parade starting at 18:15 followed by a party so looking forward to getting to meet more of the crew and those of other ships.

Until then…


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